These are some of the personal projects I have done. Usually, the projects I consider potentially useful to someone.

Hermit: a font for programmers, by a programmer

A monospaced font designed to be clear, pragmatic and readable.

Python SHA1 implementation

A pure Python SHA1 implementation, as defined in FIPS-180-4.

Python AES implementation

A pure Python AES algorithm implementation, as defined in FIPS-197. Demo included.

Python AES base generator

This script generates the S-Box, Galois Field lookup and Rcon tables used in the AES algorithm.

Color Factors - JS1K 2013-spring (demo)

This is the demo submitted to the JS1K 2013-spring (JavaScript 1KB) competition.


A tiny Python (PyGame) elastic collisions simulator.


These are the configuration files I use to feel like home everywhere.