Git Knowledge

Push to several remotes at a time

First, add as many remotes to your repo as needed, with any name you want:

git remote add github [email protected]:pcaro90/potato.git
git remote add bitbucket [email protected]:pcaro90/potato.git

Edit the git config of that repo:

git config -e

And add the following remote (adapting it to your URLs, obviously):

[remote "all"]
    url = [email protected]:pcaro90/potato.git
    url = [email protected]:pcaro90/potato.git

After that, you just need to

git push all

If you want to push to all by default (just with git push):

git push -u all master

Import existing repo to GitHub

  1. Create the remote repository, and get the URL such as [email protected]:/youruser/somename.git or If your local GIT repo is already set up, skips steps 2 and 3

  2. Locally, at the root directory of your source, git init. If you initialize the repo with a .gitignore and a you should do a git pull [url from step 1] to ensure you don’t commit files to source that you want to ignore.

  3. Locally, add and commit what you want in your initial repo. For everything:

    git add .
    git commit -m 'initial commit comment'
  4. To attach your remote repo with the name ‘origin’ (like cloning would do):

    git remote add origin [URL From Step 1]
  5. Execute git pull origin master to pull the remote branch so that they are in sync.

  6. To push up your master branch (change master to something else for a different branch):

    git push origin master

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