Hi there

I’m Pablo Caro. I’m currently working as IT Security Person. I like learning, hacking, tinkering, very hot coffee, some videogames, and music; among others. Sometimes, I am known as pcaro90 on the Internet.

My PGP key fingerprint is 59C6 2FE9 F9F9 9D95 24B6 AF26 2871 C649 5491 7E91. You can find my full ID on Keybase.io.

Some cool things I’m doing, or I have done, or I can do:

You can contact me by email or Twitter.




A lookup table for MD5, NTLM, SHA1, SHA256 and SHA512 hashes, with more than 12.6 billion entries.


After the password crackaing study and talk “I know your p4$$w0rd (and if I don’t, I will guess it…)” Jaime Sánchez and I did for RootedCON 2019, everything was published in this repo so everyone can use the results.


A monospaced font designed to be clear, pragmatic and readable.


These are the configuration files I use to feel like home everywhere.

Tiny Toys